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About Me

I am a Tango dancer, teacher and DJ, tanguera and milonguera passionate, born in the cradle of Tango, the Rio de La Plata.
I have traveled from Buenos Aires to the world, bringing the richness of Tango. With more than 25 years of experience, I feel distinguished by an eclectic style, centered on expressiveness, improvisation, and presence. Founder of ‘Ibiza Tango Love’, Tango Festival on the island of Ibiza for 13 consecutive years. Today I continue teaching, organizing events, and immersing myself in Tango, based between Berlin and Buenos Aires, giving workshops and DJing milongas all over the world.

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Join me for tango classes to deepen your connection withTango. With over 25 years of experience, I focus on enhancing expressiveness and body awareness, as well as in the music and improvisation tools for the dance floor


As a dancer, I can offer different types of shows for your private event. Couple dance and live music as well, so you could have a complete Tango experience in your special event. Ask for different options


Being a Tango DJ is one of my favorite roles, I always manage to keep a dance floor full and energized, with the classic tandas, and the funniest cortinas: I feel very empathetic and connected with what each milonguero group likes, and I can also play in milongas of more alternative and contemporary styles.

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