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I am a Tango dancer, teacher and DJ, tanguera and milonguera passionate, born in the cradle of Tango, the Rio de La Plata.
I have traveled from Buenos Aires to the world, bringing the richness of Tango. With more than 25 years of experience, I feel distinguished by an eclectic style, centered on expressiveness, improvisation, and presence. Founder of ‘Ibiza Tango Love’, Tango Festival on the island of Ibiza for 13 consecutive years. Today I continue teaching, organizing events, and immersing myself in Tango, based between Berlin and Buenos Aires, giving workshops and DJing milongas all over the world.

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Embarking on my Tango journey more than 25 years ago, I took my first steps in the very heart of the cradle of Tango: La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I was born. Since that pivotal moment, I have embarked on a dynamic journey, traversing diverse cities, imparting the richness of my experience as a Tanguera, Milonguera and Dancer. However, at heart, I am passionate about Tango, a devoted guardian of its heritage, nurtured by a deep connection to my roots

In this journey, I have developed the tool of Tango not only as an expressive, creative, artistic and inspirational instrument, but also as a distinctive means to expand our body awareness, our senses, our plasticity and our expressiveness.

I travel during those years for Tango weekends and International Festivals all over Europe and Asia.  Based in Berlin where I had our regular classes and performances in different Milongas, as well as in the Berlin International Tango Festival

Together with Ismael Ludman we created “Ibiza Tango Love” an International Tango Festival that lasts till nowadays.
2012-13 We run a Tango House called “Tango Ashram” in Ibiza Island focused on Tango, meditation, contact improvisation, and retreats.

I am currently based in Berlin. Teaching, DJing, organizing events Traveling, bringing Tango to the world. I also comeback to Buenos Aires once a year, and spend the summer season there

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