I have been involved in Tango for many years. I have been into many different places. And I always come back to the same thing: El Abrazo. The encounter. The true encounter, the one that involves us. It opens us up. It engages us. It expands us.
Embracing in Tango is not about merging with the other. It is about being oneself in consonance with another. There are as many possible embraces as there are people: apilado, relaxed, passionate, salon-like, aesthetic, functional, open, loose, detached, tense, relaxed, on my axis, off my axis, and so many more. And I don’t think there is anything completely wrong or right (except for the extreme of things that may be dysfunctional or harmful to the body, of course). But I can surely say that the embrace, regardless of its form, has only one function: to connect us. And if this does not happen, then we have to check why the engine and the foundation of this dance are failing. And I can not only feel this, as a social dancer, but I can also see it. On the dance floor you can see the hugs that don’t hug.
I think that in order to find one’s own embrace, it is not about copying forms, nor following techniques or styles. It is about training the openness to the feeling of connection. How do I feel connected to another in an embrace? How do I open and establish that connection in myself, and from there with someone else? What can I explore in my own body in order to extend this “wiring” to another and establish the best communication with that other?

These and other questions I am again exploring in myself and sharing in my Tango classes and Tango and one to one sessions.

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